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The Gleissner Files 2019: brand owners warned as IP office reveals staggering number of trademark applications

2019 / 01 / 30

A major new investigation by WTR can reveal that entrepreneur and serial trademark filer Michael Gleissner has stepped up his IP application activity in recent months. Over 300 trademark applications have been filed since September 2018, including over 100 so far this year, suggesting Gleissner’s controversial portfolio-building programme continues – opening up further risks for rights holders.


LATVIA – Battles for Domain Names?

2019 / 01 / 08

Nowadays, if you would like to look serious in the eyes of the public, a website with the correct name or domain name is a must-have. Many large companies, as well as publicly known people, have done almost the impossible to protect their virtual identity by purchasing a range of domain names with both positive and negative outcomes. A domain name is a significant defender of
your company and its brand in the virtual reality world. Therefore, there are splendid domain name scammers who will want to earn at your expense or at your neglect, if you are not able to reserve the domain names you want in a timely manner.


Treaty on Trademarks in the Eurasian Economic Union

2018 / 12 / 07

The members of the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission signed at the meeting on December 5 the Treaty on Trademarks in the Eurasian Economic Union. This completed the procedures necessary for its entry into force.

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