News of the Law Firm (No. 33)

METIDA Has Earned the Golden Award

World Trademark Review (WTR) journal which provides the evaluation of the national trademark specialists on an annual basis in its 2013 publication “WTR 1000” evaluated METIDA Law Firm of Reda Zaboliene and the attorney-at-law Reda Zaboliene as one of the best trademark law experts in Lithuania.

Following the survey of the consumers and trademark law professionals, every year this publication appraises the best professionals in this area in each country by granting the Golden Award or the Silver Award to them. According to the rankings published in the above publication, this year METIDA Law Firm run by Reda Zaboliene received the Golden Awards.

“In 2005, lawyer and patent attorney Reda Zaboliene took over the METIDA patent and trademark agency to create this law firm, which is now saluted as the most prolific IP player on the market both within and outside Lithuania. Thanks to its agency roots, it continues to undertake a large share of the country’s trademark filing activity, while also offering top-tier dispute resolution capabilities. METIDA Law Firm possesses the broadest trademark law skill set in the country”, writes the

Furthermore, the publication recognised the attorney-at-law Reda Zaboliene as one of the best specialists in the trademark law: the attorney-at-law is regarded as a leading intellectual property dispute resolution expert and one of the most accomplished practitioners around the country. 


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