Amendments to the Estonian TM and the Industrial Design Protection Acts entering into force

The amendments to the Estonian IP laws will come into force on 29 March and 01 April this year. Now it has been confirmed.

We will bring out a few that seem most relevant to our everyday work:

1. For representing clients before the Patent Office and the Board of Appeals, the Estonian patent attorneys do not need to file original Power of Attorney any more. In general, their right to represent clients is presumed. However, if the Patent Office or the Board of Appeals have any doubts etc., they may still ask for a Power of Attorney, and in such a case there will be a deadline of two months given. However, we believe these will be very exceptional cases. Thus, in most cases, we do not need the Power of Attorney any more (i.e., for filing, for renewals, for oppositions, etc.).

2. The trademark registration certificate will be issued only electronically (no paper certificates any more) beginning from April. However, this month we`ll have some paper certificates yet – these will be the last ones.

3. There will be no official registration fee for trademarks any more (i.e., only filing fee).

4. The validity of the trademark registration will be ten years counted from the date of filing (at the moment it is from the time of registration).

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