Copyright is exclusive rights to works, arising from the creation of a work and existing independently of the author. Laws can protect copyright even after the author’s death. An object created by a man is subject to the copyright protection, provided that it is an original work of literature, science or art expressed in any objective form and is a result of a creative activity. Copyright may effectively protect the economic, creative and legal interests of the author.

We offer the following copyright-related services:

  • consulting on the conclusion of copyright and related rights agreements (commission of works, licence, publishing, artist management, etc.);
  • consulting on the payment of royalties for public performance and broadcasting of works, the use of the collectively administered rights;
  • consulting on the protection of rights to software, phonograms, audio and visual works, the protection of right to picture, distribution of television broadcasts.


All these services are provided in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Belarus Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Olga Kouznetsova Maria Silvia Martinson Evgenia Gainutdinova Inga Lukauskiene 
Kaie Puur Ruta Olmane Erikas Saukalas 


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