Community Designs

Design is the outward appearance of a product or part of it and/or specific elements of its ornamentation: lines, contours, colours, shape, texture, and/or features of materials.

A Community design registration grants protection across all the European Union member states. After any future enlargement of the European Union, every registered design will be automatically extended to the new member states. The Community design registration prevents any third parties from using an identical or similar product design in any of the European Union countries

Ways to register the Community design

  • Filing of Community design application to the EU´s Office for Harmonisation in the Internal Market (OHIM);
  • Registration of an international design under Hague Convention.


The registered Community design is protected for 25 years and must be renewed every five years.

The Community design is recommended for many reasons. Read more

The Community design is recommended for the following reasons:

  • a single registration grants unitary protection across all of the European Union countries;
  • faster registration process compared with national design registration;
  • possibility to include multiple design examples in one application;
  • the possibility to transfer a Community design across the European Union without the need to register the rights to the transfer of the design in each country as the use of the design can be licensed in any member states, reserving the right to use it in another part of the European Community;
  • a Community design registration may serve as the ground to dispute subsequent design registrations in any of the member states;
  • lower design registration expenses compared with individual registrations in each EU member state;
  • upon enlargement of the EU, design protection automatically expands to new member states;
  • in the process of design registration, communication takes place with a single institution instead of the responsible institutions in each member state;
  • registration of a Community design is examined according to a single regulation, therefore the knowledge of each country´s legislation is not required.


In this area we:

  • assess whether the product representation pending Community design registration contains individual character and does not infringe on the rights of previously registered design owners, i.e. we evaluate design registrability prior to taking any registration steps;
  • prepare documents for Community design registration;
  • monitor Community design registration validity terms and prepare renewal documents;
  • prepare and register agreements concerning the transfer, pledge, and licensing agreements of Community design rights;
  • choose optimum design protection ways and consult on other issues relevant to the European Community protection;
  • perform registered Community design monitoring.


All of the above-mentioned services are available in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


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