Domain Names

A domain name is a name identifying a website. Domain names, like other subjects of intellectual property, are intangible.

Our law firm specialises in the protection of our clients’ intellectual property and corporate image on the cyberspace. We have extensive experience in protecting our clients’ rights from the most popular infringement online-cybersquatting-and from other online infringements, including brandjacking, typoscquatting, traffic diversions, etc. We consult on possible infringements of intellectual property rights on the Internet and offer the best remedies. We also establish the legitimacy of claims and consult on possible remedies against claims on infringements on the cyberspace.


We offer the following services:

  • consultations about registration and registrability of domain names;
  • consultations about the protection of intellectual property owners’ infringed rights against the persons who have registered the domain names;
  • representation in disputes related to the registration of domain names at courts, arbitrations and other institutions.


All these services are available in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.



Belarus Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Olga Kouznetsova Margit Järvik Evgenia Gainutdinova Mykolas Jakutis 
Maria Silvia Martinson Ruta Olmane Vilius Martisius 
Kaie Puur


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