Corporate Law

Our lawyers have lengthy experience in the field of corporate law. We provide a wide range of legal services: from drafting and registering documents for the establishment, reorganisation and restructuring of companies to liquidation of companies and representation in bankruptcy proceedings. We have been involved in reorganisations (merger of Mažeikių pieninė AB and Pasvalio sūrinė AB into Pieno žvaigždės AB; incorporation of Kauno pienas AB to Pieno žvaigždės AB; merger of four iron-scrap companies into one – Antrimeta UAB, incorporation of Preventa UADB to ERGO Lietuva UAB). We have also drafted and implemented such projects as incorporation and decomposition of Dainava AB, decomposition of Verpstas AB part to Verpsto NT AB, decomposition of Lietuvos paminklai UAB and decomposition of Gotas UAB, etc.

We offer the following services:

  • consulting on choosing legal form of a company, business model and management structure;
  • establishing companies of different forms and other legal subsidiaries, affiliates;
  • drafting and amending incorporation documents (Articles of Association, regulations), internal documents (rules of procedure, internal rules, instructions);
  • consulting on reorganisation and restructuring (mergers, divisions, decompositions), preparing reorganisation conditions and providing the related services;
  • bankruptcy administration services;
  • consulting on bankruptcy and liquidation procedures, providing liquidation services;
  • consulting on the formation, increase and reduction of the authorised capital;
  • consulting on the labour law, drafting additional agreements with the staff (confidentiality, non-competition, etc. agreements), job descriptions, regulations;
  • consulting on tax-related issues, representing clients in tax disputes;
  • representing companies and shareholders in disputes among shareholders, between the company and shareholders;
  • performing legal audits of companies; consulting on general corporate matters.


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