Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights

Registration of the products covered by intellectual property rights is the main tool of protection of intellectual property rights, but this does not automatically prevent infringements of the rights. Thus, different services in relation to protection of intellectual property provided by us to the customers not only helps to protect the rights to trademarks, inventions, design, copyrights and domains, but also to effectively protect them:

  • we represent in disputes at pre-trial institutions and court of  Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus, including representation in the patent bureaus of the corresponding countries, the EU Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM), arbitration and the Court of Justice of the European Communities;
  • we carry out a legal assessment of intellectual property, advise on formation of intellectual property “portfolio”, conduct an audit of the company’s intellectual property;
  • we advise the proprietors of intellectual property on defence of their infringed rights against the persons who have registered the domains;
  • we prepare warning letters, lawsuits and other procedural documents.



Belarus Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Valiantsin Rachkouski Maria Silvia Martinson Evgenia Gainutdinova Mykolas Jakutis
Kaie Puur Ruta Olmane Inga Lukauskiene
Mikk Putk 
Margus Sarap Erikas Saukalas
 Reda Zaboliene


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