Jauskitės puikiai. 17 07 25

On July 25, 2017, the Appeals Division of Lithuanian State Patent Bureau has dismissed appeal No. ANZ-41 of the interested person UAD „EUROAPOTHECA“ regarding the refusal of trademark “Jauskitės puikiai“ registration.

The Appeals division has stated that application for “Jauskitės pukiai“ can be understood by the consumer just as the promotional combination of words and that the goods and services are directed to the user’s well-being. The word combination “Jauskitės puikiai” will clearly emphasize the positive features of the goods and services, because there is no any secondary or hidden thought. The application for “Jauskitės puikiai” refers to the characteristics of goods and services in classes 3, 5, 34 and 44 – the purpose of these goods and services is to provide the consumer with a very good, excellent feeling.

In conclusion, it was stated that the appeal is dismissed and the registration of the mark is not allowed.