Competition law

A competition is healthy – it‘s an engine of economy. Laws on competition regulate actions which limit or can limit business of the state, municipality institutions, market subjects (forbidden agreements, abuse of dominant position, control of concentrations) and also – actions of unfair competition (use of similar signs, revealing of commercial secrets of other entities, recruiting of competitor’s workers, imitation of competitor’s product or it’s package, spreading of deceitful information, deceptive advertisement).

The services we offer include:

  • consultations regarding competition law matters (concentration and control, abuse, dominant position, agreements restricting competition, unfair competition, comparative and misleading advertising, illegitimate state support, etc.);
  • representation of clients before the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania, before the courts. etc;
  • preparation of the notification about concentration, obtaining of the permissions for concentration and other permissions regarding concentration;
  • preparation of notifications, requests and claims for the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania;
  • preparation of claims against actions limiting the competition;
  • preparation of appeals of the Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania decisions.


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