Anti-Counterfeiting and Anti-Piracy

Counterfeiting and piracy is a fast growing business where persons illegally use exclusive rights of holders of famous trademarks, designs or copyrighted intellectual property.

Counterfeiting and piracy harm material interests of holders of exclusive rights as well as cause non-material damage through the illegal use of the renown and reputation of intellectual property. They also do harm to consumers. The most counterfeited products are pharmaceuticals, toys and perfumery, therefore the use of theses products poses direct risks to the health and security of consumers. Constant market monitoring is the most reliable measure to protect material and non-material interests. Anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy may cover monitoring of the internal market and suspension of pirated products at customs posts.

We offer the following anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy related services:

  • monitoring the market of falsified and pirated products;
  • filing applications at the Customs Department for the detention of falsified and pirated products when carrying out import and export procedures;
  • taking part in police checks;
  • representing interests of owners of intellectual property (trademarks, design, inventions, copyright and related rights) at law enforcement and customs authorities.


We represent owners of well-known trademarks, including „Gucci“, „Lacoste“, „Porsche“, „Rolex“, „Michelin“, „Shell“, „Valentino“,“Paco Rabanne“, „Nina Ricci“, Carolina Herrera“, etc., in anti-counterfeiting actions, detention and destruction of counterfeited goods and implementation of legal measures against infringers.

All these services are available in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Belarus Estonia Latvia Lithuania
Olga Kouznetsova Kaie Puur Evgenia Gainutdinova Mykolas Jakutis 
Ruta Olmane
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