mokilizingas ok, moki ok vs MOKI LINIJA. 2017 07 20

On July 20, 2017, the Appeals division of the Lithuanian State Patent Bureau has dismissed opposition No. PNZ-526 of the interested person UAB „Mokilizingas“ regarding cancellation of the trademark “MOKI LINIJA” registration No. 74355 owned by Laura Mikšionienė.

The Appeals division has stated that the earlier trademarks overall impression is formed by both verbal and graphical elements, however the opposed trademark overall impression is formed exclusively only by verbal elements. The overlapping word “moki” could be seen as a week element which indicates some information about the services, but there were no evidences provided that in both trademarks the mentioned word would indicate exactly the same information. The comparable trademarks were declared as dissimilar also due to additional word elements “lizingas”, “ok” and “linija”.

Therefore considering all the stated circumstances, there was stated that the opposed trademark is not confusingly similar to the earlier trademarks of the interested person.