News about Belarus patent attorneys

The substantive part of the Belarusian patent attorneys loosed the status of attorneys due to the late renewal of the patent attorney certificates. They tried and still try to complain about the decision of the Patent Office but finally, they were deleted from the list of attorneys. The Patent Office informed about the change of the list of attorneys through the website:

As most of the mentioned attorneys did not inform their clients about the situation and they did not implement the relevant changes into the applications and registries, the Patent Office did it himself and sent to the clients of the attorneys the letters (like in the attachment) with proposal to change the addresses for correspondence and appoint the new patent.
Suppose that some of the clients may look for a new attorney in this regard.

It would be useful to check the status of the persons who provide the patent services in Belarus as patent attorneys as it can appear that such persons are not the attorneys. Some persons still inform that they are attorneys (like in the example: ). The Belarusian patent attorneys that loosed such status also lose the status of a Eurasian patent attorney.

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