An invention is a technical solution that must fulfil three main criteria: novelty, inventive step, and industrial applicability.Read more

  • an invention is considered to be new if it is new on a technical level. The technical level comprises everything that was publicly available or used prior to the filing of a patent application or, in case of a priority claim, prior to the date thereof. The invention is novel granted that despite being unknown on the technical level, it has been described by another applicant in the patent application filed earlier and published in the official patent bulletin after or upon the date on which the technical level was established;
  • the invention complies with an inventive step requirement provided that on the technical level it is not obvious to a specialist of the corresponding field;
  • industrial applicability of the invention means it can be produced or employed in industry, agriculture, healthcare, or other fields;
  • patentable inventions include objects consisting of or containing biological material, or a process by which biological material is produced, processed or used. Biological material which is isolated from its natural environment or produced by means of a technical process may be the subject of the invention even if it previously occurred in nature. The protection conferred by the patent on the process by which a biological material is produced means that the protection shall extend to the resulting product as well.


The following items are not regarded as inventions:

  • discoveries, scientific theories, and mathematical methods;
  • aesthetic creations;
  • schemes, rules and methods for performing mental acts, playing games or doing business, and programs for computers;
  • presentations of information; the human body, at the various stages of its formation and development in the natural environment, or its elements, including the sequence or partial sequence of a gene. The latter provision, however, does not apply to an element isolated from the human body or otherwise produced by means of a technical process, including the sequence or partial sequence of a gene, even if the structure of that element is identical to that of a natural element.


A patent grants the holder the exclusive right to use the invention for commercial purposes. The uniqueness of idea determines its further development, thus you should think about your invention’s commercial potential as soon as your idea is born, as a well-guided idea can form the foundation of your business.

Due to an extensive world-wide partner network and experience in filing and handling patent cooperation treaties (PCT) and European patent applications, we:

  • evaluate the technical level and patentability of a specific solution, the novelty, inventive step, and industrial applicability of the technical solution, and determine whether the invention is entitled to patentability;
  • prepare documents and file applications with regards to invention patenting, as well as prepare and file international and European patent applications;
  • pay patent annuity fees;
  • prepare and register agreements concerning the transfer of patent rights and licensing;


Corresponding services are also available in Belarus, Estonia, and Latvia.Read more

We conduct patent search, prepare invention descriptions, file invention patent applications

The invention should meet the following three criteria

  • novelty,
  • inventive step,
  • industrial applicability.

Prior to filing the patent application for an invention, a patent search must be conducted, i.e. analogues must be found in the global database, the commercial segment, scientific articles and other publicly-accessible sources. Whilst conducting the patent search, we discuss with clients, specify details, find analogues, present our conclusions, and review search results.

After the performance of patent search, we prepare an appropriate descriptive text on technical and legal levels. Upon completion of the text, a set of other relevant documentation is prepared for the submission to patent offices.

After filing the patent application, you should remember the following:

  • deadlines to keep tabs on when extending the national invention to foreign countries;.
  • invention commercialisation.

In order to commercialise the invention, the inventor must immediately examine the market to discern the countries with the highest commercial potential for the invention. Based on the countries selected by the inventor, our qualified specialists shall be able to calculate and offer the optimum scenario for the extension of the invention.

We control the process of invention patenting and take care of:

  • management of national patent application processes;
  • management of international and regional patent application processes;

We consult on licensing and other invention related matters

After the patent application successfully passes all the relevant stages, the applicant is granted with the patent, which entitles the inventor to all of the aforementioned exclusive rights to the invention. The licensing activity paves the way for revenue increase which subsequently allows further building the capital and contributing to the development of the innovative state industry sector.

We consult on fundraising

Patenting expenses are comparatively big, especially when it comes to protecting the invention across multiple countries. For example, the Government of the Republic of Lithuania provides financial support for expenses deriving from patenting. The scheme entitles legal entities to a reimbursement of the expenses resulting from the acquisition of the European patent or a patent issued under an international application. Our firm help inventors opt for the optimum expense compensation.

We represent clients in patent infringement cases

If your patent rights are infringed, after having analysed the situations we offer the optimum solution and represent you in the courts or pre-litigation institutions.


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