Kaie Puur

Kaie Puur

Associated Partner, Estonian Trademark and Design Attorney, Estonian Patent Attorney, European Trademark and Design Attorney, Lawyer


Master's degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of Tartu University (integrated studies)
Master's degree in English Philology from the Faculty of Philology of Tartu University (integrated studies)

Areas of practice

Intellectual property law, representation in litigation


Estonian, English, Russian

Kaie Puur has practiced in the field of intellectual property since 1994 when she started her career in an Estonian intellectual property firm as IP assistant. In 2000 she became Estonian Trademark Attorney, in 2004 European Trademark and Design Attorney and in 2013 Estonian Patent Attorney. In 2009 Mrs Puur established her own IP firm RestMark which was renamed RestMark METIDA after joining with METIDA team in 2013.

Mrs Puur has extensive experience in the protection of different intellectual property objects of local and foreign clients in both Estonia and the European Union. But she also advises on and arranges the protection of intellectual property in different countries internationally. She has successfully defended the clients’ rights in several trademark disputes and negotiations.

Mrs Puur is an active member of the International Trademark Association (INTA) and the author of a number of articles on the different aspects of intellectual property. She has also taken part and had lectures in the local and international seminars and conferences on IP law.

Mrs Puur is a member of the Association of Estonian Patent Attorneys since 2000. In 2016 she also became a member of the board.


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