Monika Alisauske

Monika Alisauske



Master’s degree in International law, Faculty of Law, Mykolas Romeris University
Bachelor’s degree in law, Faculty of Law, Mykolas Romeris University

Areas of practice

Intellectual property law, competition law


Lithuanian, English, Russian

Monika Alisauske started working in the area of intellectual property law in 2013 after she had joined the team of METIDA Law Firm of Reda Zaboliene. Later on, in 2015 she started working as an assistant at the International Law Division of CITCO Vilnius UAB. In 2017, Monika Alisauske joined the team of Professional Law Partnership METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners for the second time. She holds the position of a lawyer in METIDA. Monika is specialised in the areas of protection of the rights to the trade marks of customers from Lithuania and foreign countries, draws up related procedural documents and consults customers on legal protection of the objects of intellectual property, competition law issues.

Monika participates in different conferences and seminars on intellectual property law.

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