Paulius Milkevicius

Paulius Milkevicius



A master’s degree in law from the Faculty of Law, Vilnius University

Areas of practice

Personal data protection, information technology law, media and advertising law,
e-commerce regulation


Lithuanian, English

Paulius Milkevicius joined the team of the Professional Law Partnership METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners in 2017 in the position of a lawyer.

When he joined the Firm, Paulius Milkevicius had three years of experience of doing legal work that he had acquired working for the Law Firm Markevicius, Gerasickinas and partners, and then at the Court of Appeal of Lithuania as a judicial assistant. He also has four years of experience in administrative work that he obtained in the capacity of a chief specialist in the State Enterprise Centre of Registers.

Paulius specialises in matters of resolution of all kinds of civil disputes, prepares procedural documents pertaining to hearing disputes, draws legal opinions and agreements.
In 2016, Paulius Milkevičius wrote and defended his master’s thesis titled The Moment of Acquisition of Title to Real Estate and the Specifics of Its Registration at Vilnius University.

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