Vilius Martisius

Vilius Martisius

Partner, Attorney-at-Law


Master's degree in Law from the Faculty of Law of Vilnius University (integrated studies)

Areas of practice

Company law, contract law, real estate and construction law, labour law, tax law, representation in litigation, bankruptcy administration, liquidation of companies


Lithuanian, Russian, English

Vilius Martisius started his lawyer’s career in 1998. He worked for several companies that specialised in construction, bonds, consultancy and bankruptcy administration. In 2001 he was an assistant to attorney-at-law and became an attorney-at-law in 2003 practising privately. In 2007 he joined METIDA Law Firm of Reda Zaboliene . In 2009 Vilius Martisius acquired the right to provide bankruptcy administration services and in 2012 he was entered onto the list of arbitrators recommended by the Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration.

Vilius Martisius prepares reorganisation projects (merger, consolidation, spin-off, transformation) for various companies and participates in their implementation. Vilius Martisius advises clients on acquisition of shares, prepares transactions of conveyance of shares and represents the interests of shareholders. He also advises clients on purchasing and development of real estate, participates in real estate developmental projects and prepares related documents. Vilius Martisius also performs company bankruptcy and liquidation procedures. He has impressive experience in representing clients at civil and administrative cases

Vilius Martisius presents in seminars arranged by various organisations about company bankruptcy procedures and their problems, use of bills of exchange and debt recovery, protection of commercial secrets. He has written a number of articles on commercial law topics which were published in the Lithuanian mass media.

Vilius Martisius is a member of the Lithuanian Bar Association.

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