Violeta Sutkiene

Violeta Sutkiene

Associated Partner, Head of the Trademark and Design Division


Master's degree in German Philology from the Faculty of Philology of Vilnius Pedagogical University (integrated studies)
St. Petersburg's Branch of the Central Institute of the Patent Science

Areas of practice

Trademarks, designs


Lithuanian, Russian, German, English

Mrs. Violeta Sutkiene has been practising in the field of intellectual property protection since 1981. From 1992 she was a Trademark Consultant in the Trademark and Patent Agency Metida, and since 2005 she has been the Head of the Trademark and Design Division in METIDA Law Firm of Reda Zaboliene. Her practice area includes national, Community and international trademarks and design registrations.

Violeta Sutkiene advises Lithuanian clients on the registration of trademarks and designs in Lithuania and in other countries. Taking into account the needs of the clients, Mrs. Sutkiene chooses the most suitable variant for registration and gives consultations regarding the formation of trademarks and design portfolio, trademark monitoring and the registrability of trademarks and designs.

Violeta Sutkiene has been a member of the International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) since 1992. She also participates in conferences, forums and seminars organized by other international organizations.

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