A trademark is any sign that can be represented graphically. Read more

The trademark is registered and protected if it meets all absolute trademark requirements.

Marks may consist of the following signs:

  • words, persons’ names, surnames, artistic stage names, legal entity names, slogans;

  • letters, numerals, drawings, emblems;

  • three dimensional shapes or their compositions.

Useful information:

The scope of trademark registration:

National registration

National registration of a trademark shall protect your property within the respective country (e.g. in Lithuania) in accordance with the laws applicable.

European Union registration

A Community trademark registration grants protection across all the European Union countries.

International registration

This type of registration allows a trademark owner to seek protection in any of the countries that are signatories to the Madrid Protocol.

Duration of the trademark registration procedure

From the moment the trademark application is submitted until the registration certificate is granted (depending on the internal registration procedures of each country), the application process might last around 12 months.

Trademark protection validity

The validity period of the trademark is 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely for periods of 10 years as long as the trademark is needed and used by the applicant.

In the long term, a trademark becomes a distinctive mark and clients start recognising you and your products or services. Others may well be tempted to take advantage of your input and attract clients with a similar or identical mark. In order to prevent this, we advise and see you through until you register the trademark as your intellectual property.

In this field we:

  • evaluate the registrability of a trademark, i.e. its conformity with the absolute (whether a sign is eligible to be recognised as a mark) and relative (whether a sign complies with third party rights) grounds;
  • consult and prepare documents concerning trademark registration;
  • monitor validity terms of trademark registrations and prepare renewal documents;
  • execute trademark monitoring: keep tabs on whether or not identical or similar trademarks are being registered;
  • prepare and register licensing, pledge and trademark right transfer agreements;
  • consult on the compilation of the business trademark portfolio and choose the optimum strategy for trademark registration.


All of the above-mentioned services are available in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Read more

With respect to the scope of your business, we will prepare and offer you the scope and method of registration that suits you best. If your practice is restricted to a single country and you have no plans of expanding or moving the activity beyond, you are recommended to opt for the national trademark registration. In this case, your trademark rights are granted protection within a single country. Should you wish for wider protection, you may take advantage of the Community trademark option or choose international registration with a list of pre-selected designation countries.

A trademark registration applies to specific goods and/or services, therefore, accurate selection of applicable areas of protection is crucial. Our staff professionals will properly fill out all the application forms and choose corresponding classes of services or goods (goods are grouped into 34 classes and services are divided into 11 classes under Nice Classification).

Despite correct and timely completion of all the relevant documentation, you are likely to get any news only after several months (the entire registration process takes around 12 months in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and 24 months in Belarus).

We supervise the trademark registration process

We inform our clients about every stage of the trademark registration process. We also perform an in-depth analysis of every given situation and offer the optimum solution (with respect to economic and highest protection aspects).

We monitor the validity of a trademark and extend its term of validity

We have installed a trademark validity tracking software which allows us to inform the clients about the expiry of the mark beforehand. It is of major importance that the validity is extended on time. A failure to do so within the last year of its validity or, within the six months after expiry if a surcharge is paid may result in invalid registration.

We advise on how to use your trademark effectively

A registered trademark becomes your own property and thus can be at your disposition. You are free to transfer the trademark or license third parties to use it. You may benefit from it financially by giving the third parties a consent to fully or partially use your intellectual property within a specified territory or for the class of certain goods.

We perform trademark monitoring

We monitor trademarks by keeping track of new trademark registrations and notifying our clients of possible infringements. We always remind them that personal engagement in the protection of the trademark is important too, thereby, the clients should inform us of any instance of plagiarism, copying or unauthorised use.

We audit the trademarks, consult on the development of the intellectual property portfolio and assist in performing the assessment of the intellectual property as the company´s asset. Our clients can enjoy a full spectrum of legal services with regards to intellectual property, i.e. besides the trademark registration, we also form trademark portfolios and develop trademark management strategies.

We defend trademark owners´ rights

In defence procedures, we represent our clients at pre-litigation institutions and courts. We also help resolve disputes without court interference, i.e. oppositions or mediation.



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