Reda Zaboliene: a professional team is among the biggest values


Attorney-at-law Reda Zaboliene, Managing Partner of Professional Law Partnership METIDA Law Firm Zaboliene and Partners, has been working in the area of intellectual property for 25 years already. In 2016 one of the most prominent and leading international intellectual property magazines Managing Intellectual Property listed R. Zaboliene among TOP 250 of the world’s most important women in the area of intellectual property.

Reda Zaboliene remembers how METIDA started the first year of its existence in 1991. METIDA was among the first in Lithuania who started providing intellectual property services: “When we remember the situation in Lithuania at that time, we have to smile at having had so much resolution and initiative. The beginning of METIDA’s activities considerably differs from the professional manner of work we have today. Activity of a patent attorney was a total novelty in the Lithuanian legal system, therefore we had to take decisions on our own. In many cases, we were the first in the country to submit applications and requests on the clients’ behalf seeking legal effect of intellectual property objects. Now, METIDA has reached its 25th anniversary, but it is only a point in the flow of history. One should not look back or forecast future, the most important thing is to act now.”

Reda says that the drive of each company, which promotes improvement, is a good team: “A professional and, what is most important, harmonious and pro-active team is one of the biggest values. I could compare our team to a family – we respect, help and foster one another. Only having such loyal, highly competent and committed employees makes it possible to create a team, which would be highly treated and respected both by clients and competitors. Those eyes burning with determination of METIDA employees can turn mountains into molehills, it’s only this that leads us all forward.”

International legal directories annually give METIDA top ratings and recognize it as the leading intellectual property law firm in Lithuania. Reda believes that recognition and success come when you enjoy your activities and, what is most important, when you are not afraid of challenges: “I think there are no tasks which cannot be done, there are only challenges which drive us towards self-improvement. I also wish you to keep expecting: interesting clients, complicated inventions and cases, events of the law firm, colleagues coming back from vacation, and lots of other things. Only expectation gives hope and flight of mind.”


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